Choosing House Cats To Share Your Space

Beautiful black cat on the top of a cat toyAs much as dogs are billed as man’s best friend, cats are actually the most popular pet in the world. More people own cats than they do dogs. There are several reasons why people prefer house cats over dogs and those reasons will be covered in this article. You can learn how to pick the ideal cat for a single person, a couple or a family.

Your cat should fit your family, your lifestyle and your personality. Not everyone will be happy with a cat who simply sleeps all day and some will become offended if their cat isn’t affectionate. Your choice in a cat should reflect your needs. There are small breeds that do great in small apartments, breeds that are great with kids, breeds that are not social, breeds that are very active and lively and everything in between.

There is a cat breed that will fit just about anyone’s personality, living arrangements, lifestyle and needs. The best way to find your ideal cat breed is by reading as much about cats, searching for breeds with specific qualities that are important to you, watching videos of these cats and finally, contacting a breeder to learn more.

Simply click onto Youtube and there will be countless videos of cat owners teaching their pets the most amazing things. One of the more utilitarian and entertaining trainings is watching the process of how a cat is taught progressively how to use a toilet designed for humans. Doing this eliminates the need for a litter box but it does take a lot of time to train a cat to do this.

Cats are less domesticated than dogs. Whereas dogs have spent thousands of years at man’s side, cats have not done so. Many biologists suggest that the reason why cats are less domesticated is because they haven’t evolved with man as long as dogs have and the reason behind this has to do with their diet.

Cats are primarily carnivores and dogs are omnivores like humans and this allowed dogs to easily eat and hunt beside humans. Cats are also natural hunters and their minds must be engaged. Find toys that replicate hunting, climbing and chasing prey to keep your cat mentally engaged. A bored cat is often a destructive cat.

Be sure you look at house cats that suit your personality. You can choose the perfect cat who will be a great friend to you. You may hear how independent cats are but they still need plenty of love and affection and will return the same to you. Cats make wonderful pets. They are easy to care for and can be left alone if needed. If you want a pet but work a lot, a cat can be the perfect pet. You can fill up their food bowl and they won’t eat it all at one time. When you get home from work, you cat will be waiting eagerly for you and you won’t have to worry about having to clean up any messes.