Trying To Understand Cat Behavior

playful funny kitten looking up. isolated on white backgroundIt is so easy for cat owners to misconstrue the meaning behind their cat’s actions. Some things that cat owners mislabel as love or even aggression are the exact opposite of what are attributed to these actions by cat owners. This article will cover the basics of understanding cat behavior and will hopefully give you an understanding of exactly what your cat is doing and why they are doing it.

Cats are fun to watch and it is easy to misunderstand what they are doing. Why exactly do cats groom and lick themselves and why do they do the same to you? It has always been said that cats like to stay clean and this is why they lick themselves but we now know that this is not exactly true.

What animal behaviorists have said about this is that cats are more concerned with masking their scent from prey and predator than they are about staying clean. You, as their faithful human, need this same sort of kitty scent camouflage as well so they groom you for protection and to hide your scent from prey.

Bad kitty, hungry kitty or just a cat being a cat? How many times has your cat clawed your hands? There’s an episode of a cat specialist show on Animal Planet where a man who had never owned a cat was attempting to play with his cat like it was a dog. He was jerking at the cats head, putting his hand in its face, grabbing at its claws and taunting the cat with his hands.

There’s no surprise that this man was attacked but what is funny is that he didn’t know why. Sure it could be written off as annoying behavior but truthfully, the cat didn’t know if he was prey or a predator. His fast movements with his hands weren’t much different than how a mouse or a rabbit tries to escape a cat so kitty gave him the prey treatment.

Cute little red kitten sleeps on fur white blanket

Why do cats mark their territory? Do they mark because they aren’t trained, because they are scared or for some other reason. Cats often have accidents when they are scared but this isn’t always the same as marking. Cats will often mark if they feel that you, another human or another animal is encroaching in on their area. The way to stop this is by making the cat feel more comfortable and removing anything that they see as a threat. Stabilizing the house and reducing noise and foot traffic to specific areas also help.

These are just a few instinctual behaviors that cats exhibit. Understanding cat behavior is simple when you realize that animals have instinctive behavior and we as pet owners are attempting to change them into a pet that behaves the way we want them to. If you are experiencing any problems with your cat or just want to know why your cat acts a certain way, there is usually a good reason and we have usually just misunderstand why the cat is doing what its doing.